The energy of the mind

is the essence of life

You are in the right place if you or your child:​
. . . has extreme sensitivity (emotions, smells, sounds, tastes, textures, schedule changes, etc.) which causes strain in the household

. . . seem extremely stubborn and argumentative

. . . has been called 2E or twice exceptional  

. . . is intensely critical of self and/or others

. . . has a drive for perfection which causes anger, paralysis (freezing up on projects/homework) and/or depression

. . . has significant changes in social behavior (a normally talkative, outgoing person suddenly became quiet and withdrawn, OR when a normally quiet and calm person suddenly have uncharacteristic outbursts)

. . . seem to have lost the zeal for life (dropping out of activities formerly enjoyed, avoiding friends, skipping school, or dropping grades)

. . .  seem to be affected more than expected by a recent change in the family such as a death, divorce, move or change of schools/work

I can help!  You don’t have to do this alone!

An individual's advanced cognitive ability can often lead to asynchronous development and can be accompanied by heightened intensity or concentration, which can be overwhelming. 

I am continously learning about the gifted and talented population.  My own child was tested and found to be Profoundly Gifted at a very young age.  I am currently working on training to be a  facilitator for SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) Model Parent Groups (SMPGs) where we bring together 10 to 20 parents of gifted and talented children to discuss topics specific for this population such as:  motivation, discipline, stress management, and peer relationships.

What is labeled mental disorder may really be an asset.  These tendencies are the source of their brilliance and their most problematic behavior."  
~Joanne Barrie Lynn